Transformation of waste into visor supports

Transformation of waste into visor supports

Raising the community's awareness for the importance of waste recovery and helping fight the spread of the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus are the two main objectives of ReShape IT, is a CeNTI and LIPOR’s Project, co-financed by Ponto Verde Open Innovation (a Sociedade Ponto Verde program).

The Project, which is in line with the European strategy for the Circular Economy and Sustainable Growth, aims to stimulate the commitment and participation of society and companies in initiatives aimed at the more efficient use of resources.


The innovation factor

The ReShape IT Project was based on the collection of plastic bottles and caps - by students from several schools - which were transformed into an ecological filament, from which visor supports were produced by conventional additive manufacturing technologies (3D printing). 

This equipment has been delivered to several entities in Portugal’s northern region, namely hospitals, school centres, homes, and other institutions, to curb the spread of the virus and promote personal protection.

The Project also involved the 3D printing of educational games for delivery to participating schools, as a reward for its commitment.

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