ReShape IT

Development and implementation of a new waste recovery paradigm

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The general objective of the ReShape IT project is to develop and implement a new waste recovery paradigm based on an intersectoral symbiosis model conducive to the efficient use of resources, involving all stakeholders in the value chain, industry, academia and especially citizens.

The project is in line with the European strategy for the Circular Economy and Sustainable Growth, stimulating the participation of society, and in this case children and education professionals to promote more efficient use of resources and mobilize industrial symbiosis.

The project is based on a set of research and development activities to materialize the whole concept and assemble a pilot unit, with the technical objective of obtaining an ecological material / filament capable of being used by conventional additive manufacturing technologies (3D printing).

In the current situation inherent to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project's developments will be directed towards the design of protective visors, by 3D printing. This PPE will be donated to school centres (teaching and non-teaching staff) and health caregivers (homes and other institutions) to contain the spread of the virus and promote individual protection.

Main goals

  1. Raising public awareness for plastic waste recycling promoting circular economy;
  2. Empower students to recycle and add value to waste in schools by transforming it into tailored educational tools by 3D printing;
  3. Development of recycled PET and HDPE monofilament materials for 3D printing;
  4. Development of individual protection visors by 3D printing.
-The main goals of the project are:


Project Type: Ponto Verde OPEN INNOVATION

Project Duration​:  01 August 2017 to 31 July 2020

Eligible Cost: 110 862,51 €

Intervention Region: National 


  1. Dissemination of the project to increase the awareness of many students:
    • Centro Escolar de Antas, Vila Nova de Famalicão;
    • Colégio de São Teotónio, Coimbra;
    • Colégio Teresiano Braga;
    • Escola Secundária José Régio, Vila do Conde;
    • Mais Plural, Vila Nova de Famalicão; 
    • Instituição Mundos de Vida, Vila Nova de Famalicão; 
    • Escola Secundária D. Sancho I, Vila Nova de Famalicão;
  2. Implementation of collection systems for PET bottles and HDPE bottle caps in selected schools;
  3. Monofilament production using recycled PET and HDPE materials, for 3D printing;
  4. 3D printing of didactic rewards for participating schools.

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