ReShape IT

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The overall objective of the ReShape IT project is to develop and implement a new paradigm based on an innovative cross-sectorial symbiosis model towards an improved resource efficiency approach, inspiring industry, academia and citizens toward circular economy and fostering citizen empowerment and engagement in community development processes.

Specifically, the project will take advantage of valuable resources available in municipal plastic packaging waste to design and manufacture added-value products for educational purposes. ReShape IT is also aligned with Europe 2020 strategy for the Sustainable Growth, by stimulating and engaging the society, in particular children and educational professionals, to promote a more efficient use of resources, and mobilizing the industrial symbiosis.

The project envisions a series of R&D initiatives to develop and demonstrate a pilot line for the recycling and extrusion of a sustainable polymeric materials for additive manufacturing technologies (using low cost 3D printers , for example).

Main goals:

1. Raising public awareness for plastic waste recycling promoting circular economy;

2. Empower students to recycle and add value to waste in schools by transforming it into tailored educational tools by 3D printing;

3. Design of improved selective separation/collecting schemes with “rewarding points”;

4. Development of recycled PET and HDPE monofilament materials for 3D printing

CeNTI-The main goals of the project are:

Project Duration​: August 2017 to July 2019 (24 months)

Eligible Cost: 110 862,51 €

European Union Funding: n.a

Intervention Region: Portugal

Promoter and Co-promoters

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