Research & Development

Provide customers with R&D solutions, production and engineering of innovative smart materials and devices

R&D Services

  • Functional polymer compounds
  • Bi/Tricomponent fibres
  • Synthesis and characterization of functional nanoparticles
  • Functional polymers
  • Smart Textiles
  • Sensor composite structures
  • Functional coatings by vacuum technologies
  • Functional coatings by extrusion
  • Functional wet coatings [thermal curing and UV curing]
  • Plasma Treatments / Surface functionalization
  • Treatment and valorisation of waste and by-products
  • Sensors/actuators and other electronic devices
  • Hardware, firmware and software development, including mobile platform software [Android,software Javascript, CSS]
  • Surface mount technology [SMT] - automatic assembly line of electronic components
  • Development of interactive structures
  • Organic photovoltaics, lighting [OLEDs & electroluminescent] and electrochromic devices
  • Stretchable and conforming printed electronics
  • Actuators with different types of feedback [sound, motion, light, vibration, temperature]
  • Energy Storage
  • Numerical simulation studies
  • Final product characterization and performance evaluation
  • Development of expeditious methodologies for materials characterization
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