Prototyping / Pre-series

Simulamos produtos em escala real, oferecemos soluções otimizadas

At some stage of the research and development of a new product, there is the need to predict its actual behavior. The use of prototyping is an added value. It reduces errors, time and cost when designing an object.

Prototyping is an important tool in the development process. It is an approximate version of what could be the final product. That is, a real and functional representation allowing the user to interact, evaluate performance, and provide information in order to apply changes and improvements.

This tool means working directly with the requirements established by the client and presenting prototypes that allow sustainable development, focused on performance and value.


Prototyping Services/Pre-series 

Synthesis of nanomaterials and nanocapsules:

  • Pilot and industrial lines for the synthesis of customized functional nanomaterials [100 and 650 L capacity reactors]
  • Synthesis of functional nanomaterials with various functionalities [in laboratory, pilot scale and industrial] such as: Easy or self-cleaning properties | Antimicrobial properties | Anti-odor properties | Cold Touch Properties | Flame retardant properties | Antioxidant Properties
  • Synthesis of functional nanocapsules with various bioactive compounds [in laboratory, pilot scale and industrial] such as: Antimicrobial properties | Anti-odor properties | Antioxidant Properties


Treatment with plasma under atmospheric pressure

  • Industrial scale unit with 2 types of [metal and ceramic] electrodes for surface treatment of flexible materials


Synthesis and formulation of Polymers



  • Polymeric compounds for fibers and polymeric structures [masterbatches, coatings, films, injected parts or molded parts]
  • Composition of materials using conventional materials [PP, PE, PLA, PET, CoPET, PA, etc.] and state of the art materials [such as high temperature polymers, conductive polymers, biopolymers, etc.]


Functional coatings and multilayer structures [hotmelt]

  • Extrusion coating with functional thermoplastic base formulations
  • Multi-layer structures and materials [lamination]


Functional wetcoatings

  • Spray coating | Coating with bars [0.21 m wide, 6 to 400 μm thick]
  • Functional Polymeric Formulation - with UV and thermal curing


Bi / Tri spinning pilot line Component by melting

  • Ability to work with polymers up to 450 ° C using conventional materials [PP, PE, PLA, PET, CoPET, PA, etc.] and state-of-the-art materials [such as high temperature polymers, aggressive polymers, conductive polymers, biopolymers etc. .]


Thin films and functional coatings

  • Deposition of thin films by PVD [sputtering, thermal evaporation]
  • Thin decorative films and photocatalytic coatings on flexible and rigid substrates
  • Functional coatings via solution on flexible substrates at pilot scale
  • Flexible substrate lamination processes, thermal curing and surface treatment by physical technologies [electron gun, corona and plasma]


Flexible Electronics:

  • Development and printing of electrical circuits and integrated/flexible electronics in polymeric substrates
  • Sensing system produced by printing and vacuum deposition techniques [pressure, humidity, vibration, temperature]
  • Lighting elements [LEDS, OLEDs, PLEDS, electroluminescent, photoluminescent] integrated into rigid and flexible substrates
  • Sensing/functional systems printed directly onto non-conventional substrates



  • Development of electronic systems from conception and design to final product - Circuit Projection, PCB Design, Assembling, Testing, Cost Analysis, Pre-series
  • Development of software for different frameworks [.NET, JAVA], front-end and back-end web applications [Javascript, Node.js, SQL, NoSQL, HTML, CSS], mobile applications and solutions [Android]
  • Retrofitting of equipment to update the level of sensor, communication and process
  • Development and prototyping of test systems and equipment
  • Management of the certification process Electrical for CE marking
  • Prototyping of electronic systems [hardware] using manual and/or automatic assembly [Pick & Place]
  • Prototyping of PCBs through machining processes
  • Development of Firmware for ARM and RISK architecture
  • Production cost analysis [BOM]



  • 360 design solutions [from idea to product]
  • Advanced 3D Printing Prototyping Techniques
  • Laser engraving and cutting
  • CNC milling [3 and 4 axes]
  • Surface finishing [painting, polishing, varnishing, infrared and UV cure, sandblasting]
  • Integration of devices into rigid and flexible materials
  • Electronics, lighting, sensoring and intelligent technology integration
  • Customized design and concept solutions
  • Perfect device integration
  • Thermoforming


Other services

  • Management of electronic component certification processes
  • Characterization of lighting sources
  • Development of market studies and technological feasibility
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