RFID UHF Tag System with Sensors for Real-Time Stock Monitoring

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The Vi-TAG project aims to create a label (or intelligent TAG) integrated with wireless energy charging systems and increased autonomy, sensing and communication, directly into tradable products. Therefore, it is intended the development of new sensor solutions, energy storage hardware, wireless charging systems and their integration, by implementing low cost systems with greater capacity to acquire qualitative information of products when transported. The idea of this project stems from Viatel internal need to strengthen its business offer. Whether by applying conscious and truly differentiated management regarding its direct competitors, but also by the possibility of offering new valences and a higher quality of its services, by the increase of productivity and its insertion in more demanding markets and geographies.

The project has as main objectives:

This project is expected to develop new technologies and products that will enable data acquisition and transmission, energy storage and integration into tradable goods, therefore creating a dynamic and positive impact by promoting the Viatel productive and economic leverage into new business opportunities and new products.

Namely by the development of:

  • New printed and flexible sensing systems;
  • New energy storage and wireless power storage systems;
-O projeto tem como objetivos principais:

Project number: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-033959

Project duration: june de 2018 to may de 2021 

Eligible cost: 465.663,81 €

Financial support from ERDF: 301.663,81 

Project type: SI &DT Empresarial - Copromoção

Region of Intervention: North and Centre

Promotors:  VIATEL - Redes de TelecomunicaçõesCeNTItvc – Centro de Nanotecnologia e Materiais Técnicos, Funcionais e Inteligentes


1. Implementation of a UHRF architecture for communication being also capable of feeding low energy systems;

2. Printed sensors for measuring parameters such as humidity, temperature and position, among others, to monitor transported box items.

3. Creation of a new and unique inventory monitoring and control system between warehouses, factories and mobile transport units.

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