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STARTUP NANO is a pioneer incubation and acceleration program for nanotechnology innovation. It gathers research and entrepreneurship expertise, with world top research centres support to create the ecosystem needed to build, grow and scale startups with products based in nanotechnology and focused in global markets.

Site: www.startupnano.eu   |   Email: info@startupnano.eu

Main goals:

1. Develop an integrated and innovative program, for identification of business ideas and acceleration, focused on 5 major areas: awareness; pre-acceleration; acceleration; access to services and communication/dissemination; 

2. Boost entrepreneurship actions that promote the appearance of startups with high technological intensity activities; 

3. Establish partnerships with other regional entities to leverage resources and competencies;

4. Contribute to competitiveness development of businesses in the so-called traditional sectors.;

5. Stimulate the promotion, creation and dynamization of national and international networks that connect different stakeholders (entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, students, etc.) that foster and catalyze opportunities for systematic and multidisciplinary cooperation.

CeNTI-The main goals of the project are:

Project Duration: September 2016 to August 2018

Eligible Cost: 518.360,00 €

European Union Funding: 440.606,00 €

Intervention Region: Norte of Portugal


- More than 12 projects supported

- 6 startups awarded

- 6 startups created

- Roadshow to Boston


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