Masks for monitoring breathing pattern

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The mitigation of the COVID-19 impact on the economy involves the return of professionals to their jobs. The difficulty in controlling the spread of the disease, makes it imperative to develop methods to assess the health of workers. SenseBreath project aims to be an asset, through the development of a disposable and integrable sensor in masks, for monitoring the respiratory pattern of users. The information collected by the sensor will be sent to a mobile application or web page. Through the analysis of this information, it is foreseen the identification of deviations in the users' breathing patterns, allowing them to act more quickly in case of contamination.

Main goals

The main goals of the SenseBreath project focus on the development of disposable sensors that, when connected to a microcontroller, collect the user's respiratory data. This data will be sent to a mobile app and can be read later.

-Main Goals

Project Number: RESEARCH4COVID19 nº 618

Project Duration: July 2020 to December 2020

Eligible Cost: 40 000 €

Financial Support: 40 000 €


Intervention Region: Portugal


Through the development of the SenseBreath project, it is expected to obtain a mask capable of monitoring the user's respiratory rhythm, due to the integration of disposable sensors, capable of collecting the respiratory data, which can then be viewed through a mobile application.


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