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Mobilizing AUGMANITY is a structuring project that aims to anticipate the future by developing user friendly, immersive, and supportive technologies for industrial manufacturing. The project is expected to leverage its results in multiple sectors, through a coordinated strategy between industrial partners and research centres, being the generated knowledge exploited by means of technology creation, dissemination, transfer utilization and incorporation activities, and intends to have key impacts essentially at two levels – Business Operations and Business Growth, with a Human Centric Approach. Thus, the project intends to respond to some challenges in the industrial environment, by developing relevant technologies and tools that make industrial processes more efficient, lessening the impact on worker wellbeing and reducing the risk, as well as prepare and adapt human resources and processes to the new digitization paradigm – 4.0 Industry.

The project consortium involves 15 companies and 8 R&D entities, which are coordinated by BOSCH TERMOTECNOLOGIA. It is divided into 6 PPS (Products, Processes and Services) which aim to develop innovative and integrable solutions in an industrial environment.

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Main goals

PPS1 – Ergonomics and Robotics: Development of innovative devices for monitoring ergonomics data in real-time and actuation in the reduction of health problems related with repetitive tasks and vascular problems, in order to enhance ergonomics of worker in industrial context (Ergonomics), and development of innovative solutions of advanced human-machine interaction for task sharing, based on collaborative robots (Robotics);

PPS2 – Big Data and Predictive Analytics for i4.0: Creation of interrelated and integrated solutions for problems currently faced by industry, related to predictive maintenance, data-driven asset / plant performance optimization, and data-driven quality control by taking advantage of mathematical modelling and recent machine learning techniques that have been proven to be effective in various sectors with impact on productivity and reduction of operational costs;

PPS3 – Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and connectivity:  Placement of i4.0 and edge technology at the service of people and corporations, developing new human safety solutions and business processes, improvements relying in advanced IoT communications and interfaces with 5G technologies;

PPS4 – Artificial vison & Augmented Reality: Use of computer vision technologies to increase flexibility in the industrial operations by optimizing control points, freeing operators from tedious task, and providing flexible advanced user interfaces for interaction with IT systems;

PPS5 – Human Resources 4.0: Tools for better and healthier workers in i4.0 environments. Development of an innovative tool and process to integrate and analyse selected employees’ data from several identified sources, crossing different dimensions, in order to inform managers and take support actions at the level of wellbeing and engagement, that can improve the global workers performance;

PPS6 – Project Management.


Project number: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-046103

Approval date: 09 June 2020

Project duration: July 2020 to June 2023

Total eligible cost: 8 184 504.14 €

Financial support EU: ERDF – 5 199 379.16 €

Project type: SI I&DT – Programas Mobilizadores

Main objective: Strengthen research, technological development, and innovation

Intervention region: Lisbon, Centre and North of Portugal



Safety shoe incorporating:

  • Active stimulation system with massage cell for metatarsal zone and vibration system for ankle area, both for vascular stimulation and reduction of fatigue symptoms;
  • Sensing system in the insole, which allows information collection on the pressure on workers' lower limbs.



Shoe with:

  • Fall detection, through the position indicating a fall or slip;
  • Liquid detection system, which signals dangerous areas and thus helps prevent accidents.

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