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REVIPOLISHED project aims the development of integrated solutions at the level of polished porcelain tiles that allow, by one side, ally the aesthetical characteristics to functionalities, and, in the other hand, increase and contribute to an energetic efficiency in the process and in buildings. To attain the project goals, 2 research and development lines are considered: 1) R&D on surface treatments to endow the polished porcelain tiles with improved stain resistance properties, based in energetically efficient technologies [UV technology]; 2) R&D on the integration of sensorization into ceramics, with focus on the development and integration of printed sensors, on the development of control hardware and firmware and on the development of electric connection systems.

Main goals:

1. Development of an innovative surface treatment to provide enhanced performance at level of durability and stain resistance, by means energy-efficient technological process [UV-curing technology];

2. Smart electronics embedding to create innovative smart porcelain tiles, which are connected with the lighting system, for integration in smart and energy-efficient buildings;

3. Smart communication and monitoring;

4. Development of designed and innovative electric coupling elements, which enable the connection and the application of the smart tiles

CeNTI-The main goals of the project are:

Project Duration​: June 2018 to May 2021

Eligible Cost: 782.605,47 €

European Union Funding: 514.628,01 € (FEDER)

Intervention Region: Center and North of Portugal

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