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The iParasol project aims the R&D of a new generation of parasols, through the intelligent hybridization able to create its own dynamics between different advanced, versatile and highly complex technologies improving the quality of life of consumers, personalized, interactive, efficient, safe and sustainable. For the success of the project multi-disciplinary consortium with complementary skills was created, comprising two companies (Flexefelina and Têxteis Penedo) and two R&ID entities (CITEVE and CeNTI).

Site: www.iparasol.pt   |   Email: iparasol2020@gmail.com


Main Goals:

1. Obtaining a value-added, innovative, adjustable Parasol that adds dynamics and integrates technologies that promote personalization, attractiveness, safety, self-cleaning, antifungal action, flexibility and modularity;

2. To foster the emergence of changing, creative and functional architectural spaces through a set of innovative and sustainable solutions that incorporate intelligent sensors, power management [cogeneration] solutions, global connectivity and interface / interactivity between the product itself and its users;

3. Obtaining an intelligent hybrid product, capable of adapting to the environment that is inserted and to the needs of each user;

4. Promotion of interconnection between Portuguese traditional sectors, namely the metal-mechanical industrial sector and textiles and clothing;

5. Development of the capacity for intervention in the area of ​​embedded electronics;

6. Consolidation of the investment of companies in technological valorization of their products.

-The main goals of the project are:

Project Number: NORTE-01-0247-FEDER-003337

Project Duration: March 2016 to February 2019

Eligible Cost:  944.239,20 €

Financial Support from ERDF: 688.351,09 €

Project TypeSI I&DT Empresarial – Copromoção

Region of Intervention: Norte


Contest of Design and Creativity in the ambit of the textile architecture;

iTechStyle Summit 2017;

iTechSytle Summit 2018;

TechTextil Symposium 2017;

Conference ICE;

Provisional Patent Application.

Promoter and Co-promoters

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