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The TOOLING 4G Project brings together 19 companies from the moulds and plastics sectors, one software company and 11 non-business entities, including 1 sectoral entity and 10 entities from the National Scientific and Technological System, with an innovation curriculum around a strategic cluster and industry.

It is also expected to develop within TOOLING 4G several innovations focused mainly on materials, products and processes and the endogenization of technologies and organizational paradigms usually encompassed by the Industry 4.0 concept.

The project is supported by ANI through the “Sistema de Incentivos à I&DT Empresarial - Programas Mobilizadores” and co-financed by the “Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional” (FEDER) through COMPETE2020 and Lisbon2020.

The project has as main objectives:

The search of knowledge, generation of accelerate innovative capabilities and solutions for the international market within Engineering & Tooling Cluster.

TOOLING 4G innovation is focused on tooling value chains and involves:

  • New moulds and tools (integration);
  • New processes and technologies of production and automation;
  • New forms of organization of the productive tooling system.
CeNTI-O projeto tem como objetivos principais:

Project Duration: March 2018 to February 2021

Eligible Cost:  €

European Union Funding: €

Intervention Region: Lisbon, Centre and North


The TOOLING 4G project represents a collective and strategic dynamic for Portugal, as it brings together companies and entities from the scientific and technological system, around a strategic cluster and industry, seeking to anticipate and accelerate capacity, knowledge and a new offer in the international market, such as Innovative response to the challenges of Industry 4.0, Industry digitalization, and in particular, “Manufacturing by Zero Defects”.


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