Green Innovation for the Automotive Industry

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GreenAuto Agenda aims to transform the national automotive industry, in the current transition context to low-emission vehicles. The promoters are industrial and Research and Development (R&D) entities, with extensive know-how related to the automotive industry, who intend to create technical and operational conditions so that Stellantis Mangualde can iniciate the production of a new light commercial vehicle (LCV) in Portugal, namely a battery electric light commercial vehicle (BE-LCV), while ensuring a high level of national incorporation.


Main Goals/Activities

The Greenauto Agenda is structured in 11 work packages (WPs):

  • WP1 focused on the factory setup for the BE-LCV production;
  • WPs 2 to 7 focud on the development of innovative components and systems for electric vehicles (e.g. energy efficient systems, lighter components);
  • WP 8 to 10 focused on the development of productive technology (e.g. collaborative robotics, inspection systems), which are more efficient and allow for an increase in performance and quality in the production process;
  • WP11 focuses on the management, coordination and promotion of the Agenda and the dissemination of the results achieved.


CeNTI's participation is highlighted in WP2 – Intelligent, Functionalised and Digital Materials - New concepts for automotive interiors, where it is intended to develop new concepts and new solutions that contribute to making the automotive cabin a "third living space".


Code: C6448637037-00000013

Project number: 54

Funding programme. Dimension​: Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP). Resilience

Component: C5 – Capitalisation and Business Innovation

Measure: RE-C05-i01.02 | Agendas/Alianças Mobilizadoras Verdes para a Inovação Empresarial.

Consortium leader: Peugeot Citröen Automóveis Portugal, S.A.

Investiment (agenda): 118 461 004.56€

Beneficiary entity: CeNTI – Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials

Investiment (beneficiary): 2 269 899.10 €

Project duration: October 2021 to December 2025




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Project technical data: see here

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