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CHROMIUM LIKE project aims at the development of innovative solutions for car interior plastic components without using chromium but both the looks and cold touch of chrome, enhancing the performance for thermal tactile perception, producing a metallic touch


Main goals:

1. Develop customized nanoparticles to functionalize coatings and/or polymeric substrates for the plastic parts; 

2. Develop polymeric compositions that promote cool touch to prepare functionalized composites for interior plastic parts production; 

3. Develop polymeric formulations and coating technologies to promote chrome effect and cool touch of the interior plastic parts;

4. Implement the developed solutions in the production cycle of the company​;

5. Evaluate the developed prototype's performance concerning the chrome effect and thermal tactile sensation.

-The main goals of the project are:

Project Duration: January 2016 to December 2018

Eligible Cost: 628.745,68 €

European Union Funding: 340.809,25 €

Intervention Region: North of Portugal


New functional composites with embedded nanoparticles of high thermal effusivity combined with chromium-free coatings applied by spray coating, resulting in plastic-based substrates with chrome visual effect and cool touch.


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