Innovation Pact for the Digitalization of Textiles and Clothing

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TEXP@CT seeks to address the challenge of digital transition and adaptation to Industry 4.0 of the Textile and Clothing (T&C) sector. With this Pact, a significant boost in the adoption of innovative digital technologies and solutions, making the sector more resilient, sustainable and attractive to current and future global markets and human resources, is intended.

TEXP@CT main goal is to leverage T&C sector companies and businesses in TICE and Production Technologies sectors to significantly higher levels of digitalization and range of technological offerings, respectively, through the development of a set of 26 digital solutions and technologies for various working areas, including robotization, product engineering, industrial processes, artificial intelligence, smart textiles, data sharing, and digital skills. Although this initiative is focused on digital transition, many of the solutions to be developed have a direct contribution to the green transition, such as waste reduction and increase on production efficiency, production capacity and traceability of products and processes.


Main Goals/Activities

The Agenda is structured into 7 Work Packages (WPs), each focused on a different segment of the textile and clothing sector's value chain, such as:

  • Robotization and automation (WP01);
  • Responsive factory (WP02);
  • Direct to consumer (WP03);
  • Data interoperability (WP04);
  • Smart Textiles (WP05);
  • Digital Product (WP06);
  • Digital Skills (WP07).

This project aims to increase the level of digitalization of T&C sector companies, using reference companies as anchors; promote industrial pilots that serve as a beacon for the sector; enhance the increase in solutions and technologies available for the T&C sector; contribute to the volume of exports, through new digital solutions and technologies and, on a more distant level, a stronger T&C sector; and also contribute to filling gaps in the digital skills of professionals in the T&C sector.

In this Agenda, CeNTI will have a strong participation in the development of innovative technological solutions for robotization and automation of sewing processes and electronics integration, factory floor traceability systems, development and support for industrialization of smart textiles and development of interfaces and hardware for digitizing samples.


Code: C644915249-00000025

Project number: 61

Funding programme.Dimension: Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP). Resilience 

Component: C5 – Capitalisation and Business Innovation

Measure: RE-C05-i01.01 | Agendas/Alianças Mobilizadoras para a Reindustrialização

Consortium leader: IMPETUS Portugal – Têxteis S.A.

Investiment (agenda): 45 802 698.40 €

Beneficiary entity: CeNTI – Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials

Investiment (beneficiary): 3 492 726.10 €

Project duration: July 2022 to December 2025




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