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The PICASSo project aims to develop an innovative line of colored textile products, using only natural compounds extracted from plants and mushrooms.

The driving force of PICASSo project is the research and development of eco sustainable products, favouring the use of natural compounds for coloration and funcionalisation of textiles that respect the environment and users, thus appealing to niche markets with high environmental awareness.

Main goals:

1. Obtaining compounds with coloration potential and with intrinsic antimicrobial properties from plants and mushrooms, based on cost-effective and eco-sustainable extraction processes; 

2. Development of processes for incorporating colour into textile substrates [using natural compounds with colouring potential] that promotes high fastness to the main constraints of the textiles life cycle; 

3. Development of processes for generating functional textile substrates, using natural-based compounds that promote antimicrobial properties.

CeNTI-The main goals of the project are:

Project Duration​: October 2016 to September 2019

Eligible Cost: 816.225,42 €

European Union Funding: 590.816,86 €

Intervention Region: North of Portugal


- Extraction of natural compounds from plants and mushrooms based on ecoefficient processes for easy industrial implementation;

- Compatibility of the extracted compounds with textile substrates;

- Validation of colour and antimicrobial properties;

- Scale-up of the colouration process: Laboratorial [CeNTI], Pilot [CITEVE] and Industrial [TINTEX].

Promoter and Co-promoters

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