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The IP VEST project (Project no. 033994) aims at the development of multifunctional textiles and intelligent hybridization for technical and functional clothing of multi-risk protection, as well as sensing system, control hardware and firmware, interface system and software and transmission of the data.

The innovative solutions envisaged in the iP Vest are in the important and strategic market for functional and technical textiles - Protech area and has as main sectors of application the professionals of the ICT and energy industries.

For the success of the project, a multidisciplinary and complementary consortium was created, consisting of 2 companies [SCORECODE - Technical and Functional Clothing and VIATEL - Telecommunication Networks] and 2 ENESII [CITEVE and CENTI].

Main goals: ​

1. Penetration into new niche markets missing this type of clothing and growing markets in the Energy and Telecommunications sectors;

2. Development of multifunctional textiles of smart hybridization;

3. Development of the sensor system, hardware and control firmware;

4. Development of interface system and data transmission software;

5. Developing the process of global integration of solutions;

6. Development knowledge and intellectual and industrial property necessary for exploration;

7. Promotion and stimulation of innovation and development of methodologies for the design and research of new products in the area of protection.

CeNTI-The main goals of the project are:

Project Duration: June 2018 to May 2021

Eligible Cost: 802.140,24 €

European Union Funding: 549.633,20 €

Intervention Region: North and Center of Portugal


- Start Meeting 25/5/18

- Presence at TechTextil 2019 (May 14-17, 2019)


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