ImpacTEX - Development of protective clothing textiles with improved impact resistance properties

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The ImpacTEX project aims at incorporating materials with dilatant properties, known for their impact-absorbing performance, in fibers and yarns that can be used in the construction of textile structures and architectures with improved impact resistance, for the design of protective clothing for sporting activities.

To ensure the project success, TMG TECIDOS, INOVAFIL and POSSIBLE ANSWER have joined forces with two ENESII entities, CITEVE and CENTI, for the development of this innovative and strategic project. Although motivated by the demand of sports clothing market, namely applied to motorcycling, the solutions presented will be able to respond to requests from other sports where impact protection is essential, as well as to other markets, such as protective clothing for intervention / military forces, automotive or outdoor industry, among many others.

Main goals

  1. Strengthen research, technological development and innovation;
  2. Development of functional polymeric compounds (dilatant);
  3. Development of dilating yarns to produce functional textile structures capable of absorbing impact energy;
  4. Development of functional textile structures for application in protection systems used in motorcycling practice to prevent injuries caused by impacts;
  5. Development of a wearable product directed to motorcyclists with impact protection, complying with regulatory requirements and adequate legislation;
  6. Evaluation of the performance of developed prototypes regarding their impact absorption capacity for further validation and introduction in targeted markets.
-Summary/Main Goals

Project Number: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-070043

Approval date: 02 December 2020

Project Duration: March 2021 to May 2023

Total Eligible Cost: 1 091 176.93 €

Financial Support EU: FEDER – 1 089 176.93 €

Project Type: SI I&DT Empresarial – Copromoção

Main Objective: Strengthen research, technological development and innovation

Intervention Region: North of Portugal




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