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CubeSats are small satellites that have revolutionised access to Space. They have embraced new developments in various sectors such as weather information and climatic research, multimedia communications, telephone and television, data distribution, transportation and logistics, navigation, security, and rescue. CubeSat technology advances have propelled market demand for larger solar arrays, lower-power electronics, and more efficient energy harvesting systems. The EU-funded WiPTherm project will develop an innovative wireless energy transfer system that will wirelessly recharge the energy storage components used in CubeSat technologies. It comprises dozens of microarrays of 2D thermoelectric generators that end up being connected to a photo-thermoelectric plasmonic system that converts photons into electrical energy. The WiPTherm technology is a truly pioneering, clean, and cheap solution for energy transfer.

Main Goals:

  1. Develop a pioneering, clean, easy and cheap solution for energy transfer;
  2. Design, implement and pilot an innovative Wireless Energy Transfer (WET) system, able to wirelessly recharge the energy storage components used in CubeSat technologies;
  3. Create a photo-thermoelectric plasmonic (HPTP) system with the ability to convert photon energy into electrical energy (via thermal gradient);
  4. Achieve wireless thermal stimulation through a large-range pulsed high power laser beam.

Project Number:   863307

Project Duration: November 2019 to October 2022

Eligible Cost:  2.315.892,50 €

Financial support from the European Union: 2.315.892,50 €

Project Type: RIA

Region of Intervention: Europe


On going. 


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