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The Innovative Training Network ViBrANT [Viral and Bacterial Adhesin Network Training] brings together world-leading European scientists to train 15 graduate students [early stage researchers] in interdisciplinary research into viral and bacterial adhesins. ViBrANT is an intersectoral network of nine academic institutions, one non-profit research institute, three SMEs, and one large enterprise. The aim of this project is that the students will translate fundamental research into technologies with a strong positive impact on European socio-economic development and the care of patients with infectious diseases – both during their PhDs and after.

Main Goals:

Within ViBrANT, bottom-up research in adhesion will be carried out, from clinical microbiological research, through functional studies of adhesins, to the elucidation of structures and the design of new diagnostic tests and devices. To use knowledge to combat infections, we have set up an interdisciplinary environment drawing on engineering, physical and biomedical sciences from academia and industry.

CeNTI-The main goals of the project are:

Project Duration: January 2018 to December 2021

Eligible Cost: 3.925.220,40 €

European Union Funding: 3.925.220,40 €

Intervention Region: Europe


ViBrANT partners have been developing diagnostics based on new understanding of viral infections; have developed new models of how adhesins are expressed on the surface of bacteria; are beginning to understand the structure of the extraordinarily long trimeric autotransporters; have developed novel new antifouling approaches to prevent bacterial adhesion onto biological and non-biological surfaces; and are developing miniaturised, rapid diagnostics that may revolutionise patient care. The future is personalised medicine – where the drug you get is the one that is right for the infection you have, and not a blunderbuss killing every organism in sight.

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