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NanoTherm4EHarv [no. 16723] is a project in the field of thermal energy conversion into electrical energy, based on two different physical phenomena: Seebeck Effect and the novel Spin Seebeck Effect [SSE].


Main goals:

1.  Low-cost flexible and rigid thermoelectric technology for low temperature [<300ºC] and high temperatures [<600ºC], respectively;

2. New scalable printing processes for fabrication of thermoelectric devices using nanoparticle-based solutions;

3. Innovative heat harvesting devices using the SSE [Spin Seebeck Effect];

4. New thermoelectric device architectures;

5. Implementation of the developed devices in-situ/on-line at LIPOR.

CeNTI-O projeto temo como objetivos principais:

Project Duration: January 2016 to December 2018 

Eligible Cost: 194.412,00 €

European Union Funding:: 165.250,00€

Intervention Region: North of Portugal


 - Flexible Printed thermoelectric devices based on hybrid materials.

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