Innovative Firefighter Jacket

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The aim of DIF Jacket project is to produce an innovative firefighter jacket by following a procedure based on the application of numerical models to optimize it design. The design of the jacket will be optimized considering the range of scenarios observed in Portuguese forest fires, with special emphasis on its transient nature. This project will have a strong component of dissemination at national and international level, holding workshops for the general public and target audience (firefighters), as well as several communications.


Main goals

  1. Numerical prediction of the transient behaviour of the system [fireman + protective clothing + fire environment]; Use of Computational Fluid Dynamic tools to significantly improve the ability to predict how a given protective equipment will protect the user – firefighter in each scenario – in order to achieve more effective designs of thermal protection clothing;
  2. Selection and functionalization of materials for firefighter protective clothing to improve thermal protection and management during exposure to fire environment;

  3. Construction of a prototype based on the selected and developed materials and supported by the numerical results;

  4. Reinforce research, technological development and innovation.
-Main Goals

Project number: PCIF/SSO/0106/2018

Duration: January 2020 to June 2023

Total Eligible Cost: 298.591,25 €

Financial support: 298.591,25 €

Project type:  Scientific research and technological development projects in the field of forest fire prevention and fighting - 2018

Region of intervention: North  



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