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Provide different solutions to impact the performance and commodity of travels

Traveling is a significant portion of today's society routine. The automotive and aeronautics industries are not indifferent to this reality and work to improve every detail that increase the traveler's comfort. Well-being depends on a combination of physiological, psychological and physical factors - such as solar radiation and angle of incidence, temperature and relative humidity of the air, properties of the materials used in the seats, optical properties of the glazing, among others.

CeNTI carries out research and development of nanotechnological products and materials in areas as diverse as photovoltaic fabrics, printed electronic systems, composite structures, interactive surfaces, recyclable polymers, automotive coatings or self-cleaning/easy cleaning surfaces. Offering different solutions to substantially improve the performance and convenience of the trips and transferring essential knowledge to the industry development, be it performance or aesthetics.

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