Smart Materials

Light, sound, movement - Controlled responses to different external stimuli

The Smart Materials department's main goal is the development of smart materials and devices, such as sensors and actuators. These allow the introduction of smart functionalities into objects and the surrounding environment, establishing innovative interaction between them. The objectives are mainly achieved through these areas of activity:

Printed electronics - the Intelligent Materials team is dedicated to the development of devices and materials that can replace and complement conventional electronic components. Different types of devices are developed, such as sensors, thermoelectric power generation, organic solar cells, electroactive materials and functional and intelligent coatings.

Vacuum and photonic technologies - based on the use of vacuum technologies, different research activities are carried out for the development of different types of devices and coatings. Some examples are OLEDs  [organic light emitting diodes], transparent conductive coatings, different types of sensors and multi-layer devices for energy storage.


Vacuum equipment with CVD, PVD, DC Sputtering, thermal evaporation, polymer deposition and E-beam cure

Thermal evaporation for metals and organic materials with glove compartment

Printing and coating equipment in roll-to-roll processes with serigraphy and slot die [web 300 mm]

Screen printing for printed electronics

Inkjet Printer [200 x 200 mm]

Electrical, ferromagnetic and morphological characterization

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