Polymers and Functional Coatings

Sustainability and performance - the strategy for the future

Polymers and Functional Coatings is a multidisciplinary department dedicated to the research and development of innovative producers with functional and differentiated characteristics, to create innovation and value in different applications in several sectors: construction & architecture, automotive & aeronautics, health, protection & wellness & food & bio-industry.

The following nuclear activities define the technological pillars of the department:

Functional polymer coatings, through the exploration of different formulation technologies [thermal curing, UV curing, others] and development of wetcoating, films and laminating. With application in a multiplicity of rigid and flexible substrates [cork, metal, plastics, glass, ceramics, concrete, among others] to promote the characteristics and properties necessary to the demanding requirements of its final use;

Synthesis and functionalization of polymers, with a perspective to the development of new solutions in the area of ​​polymers and in the customization for specific applications;

Circular economy and eco-design, created to follow national and European political strategies for economic and environmental sustainability. Includes the exploration of strategies for the valorisation and functionalization of waste and by-products for the development of greener materials. And the reduction of the ecological footprint of the developed polymer substrates/coatings, enhancing the industrial symbiosis.

 Simulation and performance evaluation, transversal nuclear activity, where mathematical models are explored to simulate different phenomena, and advanced performance evaluation methodologies are developed to meet the needs of the sectors and markets that will absorb the innovative products developed and duly validated.

The department of Polymers and Functional Coatings encompasses transversal skills and technologies in the different stages of development of innovative products with functional and differentiated properties, focusing on the R&D strategy for product valorization, ecodesign of the solutions, the assignment of differentiating characteristics, the development of multifunctional polymer solutions, and the evaluation and validation of the performance of the innovative product, both during its development and in the final validation in the real environment.


WetCoating [thermal curing and UV curing]


Multilayer films and structures

Polymeric multifunctional materials

Numerical simulation

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