Functional Nanomaterials

Customized solutions for products and processes with improved performance, based on nanotechnology

Functional Nanomaterials is a multidisciplinary department dedicated to the research and development of nanostructured materials with differentiated and customized functional characteristics in order to create improved performance products, with varied applications in different sectors: health , protection & welfare, construction & architecture, automobile & aeronautics.

The department relies on scientific-technological competences:

- Synthesis and functionalization of nanostructured materials. For the development of new functional materials at the nanometric scale - nanoparticles, nanocomposites, nanocapsules - providing materials with functional properties and improved performance. With customization possibility for specific applications of different industrial sectors, and ensuring its delivery in quantities compatible with its use in industrial processes [reactors of nanomaterials synthesis to the pilot scale, of 100 and 650àL of capacity];

- Functional coatings at the nanometer scale. Where different surface modification technologies - cleaning, activation and deposition - are explored at the nanoscale using atmospheric / ozone plasma technologies and coating with wet [nano] [such as ultrasonic deposition], allowing the functionalisation of a multiplicity of surfaces of various substrates [rigid and flexible]. Promoting the necessary characteristics and properties for the demanding requirements of its final use. Without compromising its intrinsic properties;

- Eco-sustainable processes. Focusing on minimizing the use of resources - water, energy, chemicals - by exploiting eco-efficient technologies [plasma / ozone and ultrasonic deposition] as well as the potential for recovery of by-products from industries as a raw material for the development of nanomaterials and / or functional nanocoatings, in a perspective of industrial symbiosis.

The Functional Nanomaterials department encompasses transversal skills and technologies in the different stages of development of innovative products with customized functional properties and improved performance: in the R & D strategy for the development of [multi] functional materials to the incorporation of differentiated characteristics in diverse materials. Ensuring the maintenance of their intrinsic properties, and in the evaluation and validation of the performance of the innovative product, both in the course of its development, and in the validation final in real environment. Throughout the development, and during the industrial implementation phase of the developed solutions, special focus is given to compliance with all safety procedures involved in the handling of nanomaterials.


Synthetic reactors - laboratory scale [up to 10L], pilot [100L]/ industrial [650L]

Characterization of nanostructured materials

Atmospheric Plasma / Ozone

Nano [wet] coating - Ultrasonic deposition

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