Functional Fibers

Development and production of multicomponent fibers with integration of nanomaterials

The virtually infinite relationship between length and diameter is a form factor that differentiates fibers. Both in terms of their physical and chemical properties and in terms of adaptation to processes with high productive rates.

Fibers integrate a wide range of products of everyday use, in textile processes and in dispersed forms. The potential for innovation at fiber level is vast with application in the most diverse sectors of activity.

The main objective of the Functional Fibers department is the development, functionalization and production of unconventional fibers capable of performing specific functions in textile and non-textile structures with the ability to confer unique properties to products from various areas. Such are the cases of the medical area, clothing, composite materials, rope, civil construction, etc.

Stages of development: polymer formulation, spinning process and performance evaluation. By polymer composition the materials are conferred different properties, both by the addition of nanoparticles, and through combination of polymers and additives. The bi- or tri-component fiber production technology makes possible the combination of unique properties enabled either through the polymer-base polymer, the addition of specific compounds or the chemical finishing of the fibers.

It becomes possible to obtain devices in the form of fiber that change their characteristics by the action of external stimuli, such as light, pressure, among others.

Overall, functional fibers can be defined as a set of all components that go beyond aesthetics and decoration, allowing to obtain materials with innovative, efficient and intelligent features.

Its development represents the core of a technological progression that enables the industry to respond more easily to current and future market needs.


Antimicrobial fibers;


Resistant to high temperatures;

Moisture management;

Among others.

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