Design & Engineering

Solutions for predicting, optimizing and evaluating the actual performance of products

Design is an important discipline in the development of concepts and products and, when combined with the essential know-how of engineering, results in sustained and high value solutions. Innovation is the fruit of this exchange, which is rooted in the DNA of CeNTI.

The Design & Engineering department focuses on creating and optimizing the most diverse product concepts, always focusing on adding value to materials, technologies and processes.

With in-depth knowledge in design, advanced product development and engineering techniques, we offer 360° solutions in this area, from idea to final product. Intimately linked to the product laboratory (FabLab), and specialized in prototyping, we have the capability to test concepts, technologies and techniques, which guarantee optimized integration solutions, allowing the validation of the most varied projects and products.

Develops and integrates

360 design solutions [from idea to product]

Engineering solutions applied to the productive and functional cycle

Solution and concept customization


Design of graphic media for digital and stationary communication


Optimization and development in the context of a product laboratory [definition of requirements and use simulations]

Intelligent Electronics, Lighting, Sensoring and Technology

Devices in rigid and flexible materials

Advanced prototyping and 3D printing techniques

3D modeling and advanced rendering / visualization techniques

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