-CeNTI will receive close to 40 million euros from the PRR

CeNTI will receive close to 40 million euros from the PRR

It is another incentive for Portuguese innovation and technology transfer. CeNTI will receive, from the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), close to 40 million euros that will be applied to research and development activities related to 16 Projects in partnership with industry and other scientific and technological entities. These Projects will cover various sectors such as textiles, construction, automotive, batteries, packaging, resin, footwear, plastics and bicycles.

As a scientific-technological partner, the Nanotechnology Centre intends to contribute to transforming the business sector based on disruptive technologies and the emerging principles of sustainability, decarbonisation and digital transformation.

The global amount will be applied to diversified Projects, with the largest shares going to the following:
- NGS - New Generation Storage, connected to batteries and led by the Portuguese company DST SOLAR (more than 8 million euros);
- Be@T – Bioeconomy at Textiles, promoted by CITEVE (over 7 million euros);
- R2U Technologies | Modular Systems, from the construction area, and led by Portuguese company DST (4 million euros);
- HfPT - Health from Portugal, focused on health, promoted by Health Cluster Portugal and led by Prologica company (4 million euros).

Therefore, CeNTI will actively participate in developing these Projects, contributing with know-how, expertise, technologies, and cutting-edge innovation.

Operating since 2006 and with a solid connection to companies, the R&DT institute has been growing. In addition to the increase in human resources (today there are more than 100 researchers), the construction of new facilities stands out, budgeted at more than two million euros.

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