-CeNTI at the forefront of Sustainability and Intelligent Digital Transformation

CeNTI at the forefront of Sustainability and Intelligent Digital Transformation

CeNTI has built a successful path focused on innovation and advanced technology and is at the forefront of promoting Sustainability and Intelligent Digital Transformation. Its main objective is to create differentiating and environmentally friendly solutions with added value for companies.

Recognised as a Technology and Innovation Centre (CTI), the R&DT institute aims to contribute to leveraging the business sector in the competitive international scenario. In this sense, it has been a reference partner in developing, testing, prototyping and supporting the upscale of disruptive products and processes, namely for the Automotive and Aeronautics, Construction, Architecture and Smart Buildings, Health, Protection and Well-being markets.

The Centre is currently involved in several Research & Development Projects and patent applications, highlighting the active, dynamic and focused attitude that characterises it so much. Elementary concepts such as innovation, knowledge, technology, digital transformation and sustainability have been part of its activities.

In addition to Green4Industry, other Projects that have been distinguished by the values mentioned above stand out:
- BIOMAT, ReInvent and Bionanopolys focused on developing functional nanomaterials obtained from biomass valorisation;
- Fiber4Fiber focused on the production of traceable cellulosic textile fibres based on eucalyptus;
- be@t, whose motto is the bioeconomy and aims to empower the textile and clothing industry (ITV);
- SmartEEs2, which aims to accelerate the digitalisation of companies and reinforce their competitiveness in the Flexible and Wearable Electronics (FWE) area;
- STVgoDigital, which intends to digitise the entire ITV value chain;
- And Baterias 2030 seeks to respond, in an integrated and structured way, to the challenges of decarbonisation through new technologies applied to batteries and their transfer to the urban environment.

Aware of the role that it has been assuming in the national and international business ecosystem, CeNTI aims, in the future, to continue to develop highly differentiating solutions, which allow not only to boost the Industry but also to project to the world knowledge, know-how and the high potential of national science and technology.


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