-CeNTI at Keyhouse Munich Fabric Start in Germany

CeNTI at Keyhouse Munich Fabric Start in Germany

CeNTI promoted, at the fair of the textile and fashion sector, in Munich, some of its technologies and innovations related to Advanced Textiles, among them Picasso and iHeatex Projects. The Centre's participation was supported by the CeNTI'25 Project, co-financed by FITEC, Interface Program.

At the Keyhouse Munich Fabric Start, one of the most important international fairs related to the textile and fashion sector, the Centre had the opportunity to contact with several researchers, specialists and professionals from around the world, challenged to share knowledge, experiences, projects, trends and innovations for the sector.

Keyhouse Munich Fabric Start brings together around 1,000 exhibitors from 40 countries, who took the opportunity to promote their collections and wide range of fabrics and accessories. Currently, it is one of the largest sources of information and inspiration for professionals in the area, receiving over 20,000 visitors.

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