Wirelox: a device that allows remote monitoring of oxygen

It’s a Project by CeNTI and the Linde Saúde company and aims to develop an easily coupled device to Linde's homelox, allowing remote mon...

INCOMESS: Subscribe to the Newsletter and follow the news

Now you can be aware of all activities, news, and initiatives related to the INCOMESS Project. Thus, you only have to subscribe to the Project Newsletter.

SmartEEs2: Technical Catalogue available for consultation

The SmartEEs2 Innovative Technology Solutions Catalogue is now available for consultation. Throug...

Here comes the protective clothing for the firefighter of the future!

The DIF-JACKET Project aims to develop improved protection equipment, especially suitable for critical scenarios such as firefigh...

PROTECT: Nanotechnology-based Health Innovation

It is one of the most recent innovations in the Health sector and is being developed under CeNTI’s know-how. The European
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