Green4Industry: website presents Project and technologies

You can now consult the Green4Industry website, and knowledge transfer Project focused on Sustainability and Digital Transformation. Through the platform, it...

CeNTI promotes innovation at international events

CeNTI has been present, since the beginning of the year, in several international technological events, where it promoted innovation and its most recent differentiating solutions. Amo...

CeNTI on the path of Industry’s Digital Transformation and Sustainability

Since its creation, CeNTI has been asserting itself on the path of Digital Transformation and Sustainability of the Industry. The Technology and Innovation Centre has developed differentiating and high-value solutions fo...

CeNTI featured on RTP2’s “Sociedade Civil” Portuguese program

CeNTI was highlighted in the Portuguese television program "Sociedade Civil" on RTP2. In a broadcast dedicated to Nanotechnol...

CeNTI will receive close to 40 million euros from the PRR

It is another incentive for Portuguese innovation and technology transfer. CeNTI will receive, from the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), close to...
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