Welcome to CeNTI

CeNTI - Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials, is a private non-profit R&D institute located in the north of Portugal. It is an Institute of New Technologies with multisectoral orientation, equipped with the most advanced technology and promotes activities of Research, Technological Development, Innovation and Engineering in the fields of smart and functional materials and systems.

Founded in 2006, it is the result of a fruitful cooperation of 3 Universities, 2 Technological Centers and 1 Institute of New Technologies, all recognized for their national and international relevance: University of Minho, University of Porto, University of Aveiro, CITEVE - Technological Center of the Textile and Clothing Industries of Portugal, CTIC - Technological Center of Leather Industries, and CEIIA - Center for Excellence and Innovation in the Automotive Industry.

CeNTI has the advanced physical means of developing, testing, prototyping and scaling-up in the fields of nanotechnology, functionalization and "smartising" in particular with regard to printed-electronic technologies. It distinguishes itself from European counterparts by mastering the functionalisation and "smartising" of substrates of capital importance for the relevant industries in Portugal such as textiles, polymers, leather, paper, glass, ceramics, natural stone, concrete, cork, wood, etc.

As a research and technology transfer center, CeNTI presents, in its portfolio of innovation and R&D activities, several projects that demonstrate its commitment and mission to support and stimulate the national technological, industrial and business infrastructure with the aim of developing new products with high added value and/or incorporate new technologies into traditional products and markets.

The mission and activity of CeNTI has been highlighted by the dynamism and support of proximity to the industrial sectors, both nationally and internationally, in the sense of developing and validating new technologies based on the development of new materials, new coatings, new technologies interactive and lighting systems and new sensing systems, in multi-sector and multi-technology areas, with the focus on supporting: "Automotive & Aeronautics", "Construction, Architecture & Intelligent Spaces" and "Health, Protection & Wellness".

What we do

CeNTI's research team is dedicated to the study and development of new products in the areas of nanotechnology and smart materials, focusing on the transfer of technology and the creation of value-added products for the market.

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