Smart Automotive Console

Smart Automotive Console

The console, which features are modern and has a sophisticated design, incorporates innovative functional and smart materials and electronic systems, including sensing and lighting technologies. Customised and designed by CeNTI and Simoldes, the S-Console represents a unique and differentiating offer in the automotive market.


The innovation factor

Incorporation functional and smart materials and electronic systems into the console, such as sensing and lighting technologies, are the key innovative and distinctive elements of the S-Console. The console is also distinguished by its structural design. It Centered -user design gives it added aesthetic value.

The innovation also includes its functionalities, like a smart cup holder, inductive charger system, smart storage compartment, gear selector, flexible keyboard and others.

The S-Console is the result of the work developed by CeNTI and Simoldes, a company specialized in the production of plastic parts by injection moulding process and with a large know-how of the markets where these products are commercialized.

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