Portuguese curtains are an innovative light for the textile

LEDinTEX - Textile integrated LEDs for decoration

An aesthetic product, extremely functional, that manages to create different environments within various spaces. Designed to be used as a curtain, it can be applied in many different situations, namely being transformed into a lamp without light bulbs that can be used, for example, for children with fear of the dark.

It resulted from a partnership between CeNTI, Têxteis Penedo and CITEVE with the aim of surprising customers with differentiated and personalized products, mainly in relation to the traditional offers in the textile sector and already available in the market. Whether it is beautiful bedspreads, different designs and patterns or bold pigments, it’s possible to adjust colors, change the design, make various modifications customized to match the desired decoration.


The innovation factor

This solution stands out especially for the paradigm shift in the future of the textile industry. In the process of product materialization, an equipment has been developed that enables the placement, welding and coating of small LEDs in the fabric, allowing it to be washed or in contact with moisture and/or water.

This also allows the designing, industrialization and validation of textiles with integrated lighting systems (LEDs).

The launch of this unique product, with high commercial value, allowed penetration into new market niches, namely in luxury commercial circuits like Dubai.

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