bKET has enabled digital transformation for companies

bKET has enabled digital transformation for companies

The national Project, developed by CeNTI, promoted the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge, in the area of Key Enabling Technologies, to the Portuguese business sector, through actions of demonstration, dissemination, and valorization of knowledge. 


The innovation factor

In the context of bKET, a mapping of the national ecosystem was carried out, in terms of resources, skills, and specialized services, available in national and international entities, establishing partnerships within the KETs domains.  
New opportunities on business models have also been identified, based on the incorporation/integration of KETs and promoted synergistic conditions as well as opportunities for intersection, dialogue, and connection between the scientific and technological systems and national companies.
Apart from the workshops and sessions with experts, promotional videos were also produced, as well as a specific website of the Project, and a manual dedicated to the application of KETs in Industry. 
KETs, also known as Key Enabling Technologies, are guidelines from the European Commission for companies aiming to enhance and promote the development of products and innovative solutions, focusing on improving and creating a more sustainable, competitive, and equal economy.

The bKET project, promoted by CeNTI, was co-financed by Portugal 2020, under the Operational Programme Competitiveness and Internationalization (COMPETE 2020) and the European Regional Development Fund.

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