Autonomous parasol adapts to weather conditions

Solution for public spaces interact with visitors

It is an autonomous parasol that opens, closes, tilts and its easy to clean, which generates and stores energy, adapts to weather conditions, reacting differently to heat, wind and snow. This forward-looking innovation incorporates audio and image and can be easily controlled via a mobile App.

It's called iParasol, was fully developed in Portugal, and is the result of a partnership between CeNTI, CITEVE, Flexefelina e Têxteis Penedo.

It is a solution that is mainly intended for public spaces, such as terraces, hotels, entertainment venues and other leisure places, and is also distinguished by the ability to interact with visitors and customers of the spaces where the parasols will be implemented.

With a simple App, controlled by mobile phone, you can choose light or image patterns, select music, monitor weather alerts, charge mobile phones or other equipment, among different functionalitiers. Parasols may also be used for the transmission of information or commercial messages.


The innovation factor

The iParasol is the embodiment of a new generation of parasols, with a high incorporation of technology, which presents itself as a customizable, interactive, efficient, safe and sustainable solution.

It is also distinguished by being in a segment superior to the domestic sector and below the large public spaces. That is, it is a structure not competing with the traditional beach or household parasols, as it was not designed only for the shade of large public spaces. It fits into a mixed sector, meeting the different needs of these niche markets.

Using nanotechnology to produce this innovative solution has enabled CeNTI to develop and deepen knowledge in a variety of areas, from automation, robotics, sensing, flexible electronics and electronics integration on textiles to renewable energy and Cloud processing.

These technological advances can be transferred to industries or projects that require remote monitoring and control, being currently compatible when integrated with Internet of Things (IOT).

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